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I’m excited to announce my latest releases, Just Married Again, Miss Goody Two-Shoes, Welcome to Temptation, Tall, Dark, and Bad and See Bride Run!

All five books are widely available in print and the digital versions are exclusive to Amazon(TM).

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Just Married Again

Hilarious Second Chance at Love… 

The last person Maddy Kelly expects to show up at her mountain cabin for the holidays is her soon-to-be ex-husband, who was always too busy to enjoy their hideaway. Following doctor’s orders to reduce stress, Michael arrives at their remote cabin, unannounced and unexpected, in the dead of night, during a snow storm.  Which is why Maddy greets him with a fire poker to the head, rendering him unconscious, and with a case of temporary amnesia. As his memory returns, Michael realizes how much he loves his wife, and is willing to do anything to get her back, even if it means pretending to still have amnesia.  

Add to the mix Michael’s mischievous 13-year-old nephew, who has stowed away in Michael’s car, and Maddy’s two dachshunds Rambo and Muffin, who take an instant disliking to Michael, and you have a laugh-out-loud recipe for a romantic romp.

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To get the previous release, Miss Goody Two-Shoes, Click here.

Miss Goody Two-Shoes

  romance eBookA Fresh Start . .

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Kane Stoddard was an angry, bitter man, until the sweet uplifting letters from Melanie Abercrombie painted a picture of a life he longed for. Now that his name has been cleared, he wants to start a new life and meet the woman who gave him hope when his situation seemed hopeless.  

Fighting Her Impulses . . . 

Mel doesn’t know what to make of the scruffy bearded Kane who rides up on his motorcycle. Her first thought is he escaped from prison and is dangerous. Stunned by their rapid and sizzling attraction, she tries to fight her impulses and hang on to her prim and proper lifestyle. Mel worries that Kane will leave her once he grows tired of a small town life where he is still treated as an outcast.     Shop Now for this book.

Welcome to Temptation

Reckless bad boy Cajun . . .

Welcome to Temptation romance bookWith a hurricane closing in on Temptation, Louisiana, Michelle Thurston fails to convince her stubborn grandmother to leave her home on the bayou. Sheriff Gator Landry arrives by boat, hell-bent on forcing the elderly recluse to evacuate. He is stunned to find Michelle, who was just 16 years old when he courted her one steamy summer.  

Now, at 32, Michelle comes face-to-face with the man whose kisses tempted her to lose control, only this time there is no place to run. Although Gator is not about to leave the two women defenseless, Michelle can’t help but wonder if he is more dangerous to her than anything the storm can do.

Praise for Welcome to Temptation

“A sexy, sultry read … Hughes is a master story teller.”

Peggy Webb, bestselling author of Stars to Lead Me


 See Bride Run! is a hilarious story about an adorable young See Bride Run! by Charlotte Hugheswoman who will do anything—and I mean anything—to get out of marrying a man she does not love.

Annie Hartford is one of my favorite characters of all time. Shop Now for this book






romance eBookOn February 13th 2015, I was pleased to release Tall, Dark, & Bad. I know how much you readers love bad boys! Cooper Garrett has only one thing on his mind, and it is not his motorcycle! Get Tall, Dark and Bad.

On November 25th look for
Just Married Again

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