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Well, it’s that time again; the latest release HIGH ANXIETY is in the stores -- the cover is blue, it really stands out. My next book in the Kate Holly series is due out this year. 

HIGH ANXIETY is the third installment of my CRAZY series published by Berkley Jove. I am still getting emails from readers, hailing the first two books, WHAT LOOKS LIKE CRAZY and NUTCASE, as two of the funniest books they’ve ever read.

For those who are new to my series, it’s about a female psychologist and her crazy family, friends, and patients; and there is always a who-dunnit twist that I hope will keep you guessing till the very end. The books are irreverent and politically incorrect, but it’s done in great fun. Although each book stands alone, once you’ve read one you’ll want to pick up the other because I promise you’ll fall in love with the characters. 

I have more exciting news. Sony Pictures has optioned the books for a made-for-TV series! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. What writer wouldn’t love to see her characters come alive on TV or the big screen? 

In the meantime, thanks for all your emails. They really mean a lot to me! 


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Charlotte apologizes for the information being somewhat out of date; a family illness has kept her plate full to the brim.  





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